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Configure Redirect URL

Direct users to a new page after form submission

Paid Feature

This feature is not available to Free users, and Basic users cannot create a brandable redirect page. Only Standard users and above have access to all features outlined here

Configuring Redirects

Basin allows you to redirect users to a new page after a successful form submission. The redirect url can be set in your form's settings

GIF showing how to redirect to any specified url after a successful submission

Merge Tags

You can leverage HandlebarsJS merge tags to insert submission data into your redirect url. Just insert the name of the field as the tag.

Example (inserts name into URL):{{name}}

Brandable Redirect Page

Basin also allows you to add custom branding to the default redirect page.

Page Attribute Values Default Description
Heading text 'Thanks for the message'
Message text 'Your submission was successful'
Button Text text 'Back to Home'
Button URL Origin, Referer, Custom URL Origin Where you want the button to take users, normally takes users back to your site's homepage as determined by the Origin header. If no Origin was sent this button is hidden.
Button Background/Text Color Color Hash Green Background, White Text