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Custom Domains

Send emails to your submitters or collaborators using your own custom email domain.


To manage your domains, navigate to the 'Domains' tab near the top of the page. After adding a domain, it has to be verified.

GIF showing how to add a domain to your account

Domain Verification:

To verify your ownership of the domain head to your DNS provider and add the DKIM and Return-Path DNS records to your domain. This verifies ownership of your domain and ensures effective delivery. We handle SPF automatically for you.

  1. Copy the DKIM values in your DNS provider
  2. (Optional) Copy the Return-Path values in your DNS provider
  3. Click verify and you should be good to go!


Domains can take up to 30 minutes to verify.


A domain can only be owned by a single Basin account. If a second user tries to use a domain that is already in use, it will not work.

Deleting a Domain

If you are removing a domain from your Basin account, be sure to remove the DNS records for Basin in your DNS provider.